Get greater visibility into employee time and labor costs, increase productivity, and reduce risk

Integrated employee time tracking software can quickly reduce your labor costs. And because data flows seamlessly between Payroll, Benefits and HR, there’s no need to export and import time data between payrolls. You save hours of administrative work and get greater (and more accurate) visibility into your labor expenses.

  • Reduce Labor Cost

    Gain clear visibility of your labor expenses. Control wages and overtime by paying accurately and to the minute.

  • Lower Administration Cost

    Tasks that took hours to complete now can be finished in minutes with smart, accurate employee time tracking.

  • Decrease Compliance Risk

    Reduce risk across FLSA, ACA and other compliance requirements with automated timekeeping and reporting.

  • Work Smarter and Faster

    Start experiencing a more productive workday free from manual processing, data entry or spreadsheets.